The Best One Hour History

History doesn't have to be boring!

If you ever thought history was boring THEN YOU HAVEN’T READ GOOD HISTORY! History is not about dates.  It’s not about battles won or lost.  It’s not about dead white males or any of that boring stuff most of us suffered through in school.  History is about ideas and how humans have clashed over them for centuries.

Why did democracy emerge in the very specific time and place of ancient Greece? Why did the Renaissance occur in the time and place that it did?  Why was it so revolutionary?  Was the French Revolution mainly an economic or political event? Was World War I inevitable? Was World War II? What’s the difference? Why do some powers rise while others fall?  Why did the U.S. lose the Vietnam War?

The Best One-Hour History series is for those who want a quick but coherent overview of major historical events. It will also serve those who need a competent high-level introduction before going further. Each volume provides a clear and concise account of the episode under discussion including the context in which it arose, the major actors, the event itself, and the major consequences. In about an hour, the reader will obtain a well-grounded, well-rounded understanding of why each subject holds iconic status in Western Civilization.  And it will NOT be boring!

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The Renaissance
The Protestant Reformation
The English Civil Wars
The Scientific Revolution
The French Revolution
World War I
The Interwar Years
The Vietnam War

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Ancient Greece
The Middle Ages
European Wars of Religion
The Enlightenment
The American Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
Europe in the 1800s
The American Civil War
European Imperialism
World War II
The Cold War
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